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  1. [GM3] Memory Increase (Minecraft) Oct 18, 2011 Deprecated!

    This simple batch file launches Minecraft, but with the amount of memory specified in the batch file, not at the default 1GB amount. This helps eliminate the 'Out of Memory' issues and other issues using high definition texture packs. It uses the concepts applied by server wrappers to manage jar files while providing a relatively smooth experience.

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  2. Hidden Piston Floor (Minecraft) Aug 29, 2011 Deprecated!

    Remember seeing the teaser video for Beta 1.7 that introduced pistons, and the cobblestone structure that had a door flush with the wall? Well this is the same concept but for the floor, allowing you to have a secret entrance for a base, vault, or anything you can think of. Go ahead and use this as you like, just remember that this is my creation with a bit of circuitry fixing by aspecialpinecone! This is my first 'major' redstone project (I'm not that good) so don't expect miracles. :P

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