Another GPU Pricing Rant

Excuse me while I sigh in disappointment.

So, here's the thing. I like to buy video cards made by GIGABYTE. Why? Just because I've had a good experience with them, and happen to like the Windforce cooler. But what does that mean when it comes time to buy a new graphics card?

The image below is likely too small to read, so feel free to click on it to make it bigger. Yes, ladies and gentleman. You can get a GTX 780 for $130 less than the R9 290X. Performance difference? In raw specs, approximately ~9%. In practical terms? Nearly none. Mantle isn't at a stage where it's relevant enough to justify paying $130 more for potentially better performance in the next few years. By then, you've probably bought an even new graphics card, like the R10 999X or GTX 880Ti.


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Okay, yeah. The R9 290X will probably be the better choice for multi-screen gaming at higher than 1080p resolutions as it has 4GB as opposed to the GTX 780's 3GB, but out of the entire PC gaming community who actually does that? I sure don't; the bezel space would drive me nuts. In games like BF4, I'll have the game run on my primary monitor while something like Battlescreen will be on the other. Okay, technically it's part of the game.

Anyways, since NCIX is in British Columbia let's add tax (7% PST and 5% GST), shipping, and NCIX's recommended "Additional insurance with ExpressRMA" (chosen by default by NCIX). The R9 290X comes to a grand total of $816.45, and the GTX 780 comes to $666.47.

That's a difference of $149.98. At the end of the day, what are you going to pay for?

The answer is obvious for me. Sorry, AMD.